Y-bomb, Panda 2 the EXTREME (captinluscious) wrote,
Y-bomb, Panda 2 the EXTREME

.People who hire you are sometimes dumb.

So apparently I'm now employed at Aeropostale for the holiday and am scheduled to work this Friday... Well it'd be fine and everything, although it conflicts horribly with with schedule at Kanki, considering I'm working all day. Well I think I do want this job solely for the discount and if I have to work on the most frustrating day of the fucking year, why not. I'm getting paid better at Kanki, this side job will help me for funding presents. God, I hate the holidays. Oh yeah, my cousin called me to let me know I was working with her this Friday, not the manager, my cousin. Kanki already put out the schedule for this weekend this past Friday. Damn.

I'll work it out in the end.
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